Lifecote™ Wall Ties


Existing wall ties are located using a metal detector to find their pattern and density, inspection holes are then drilled to view a sample of the ties using a high intensity boroscope. Where necessary sample ties may be removed for more detailed analysis. All sample holes / disturbed mortar joints being made good during the survey.

If the survey results indicate corroded or insufficient ties the report will recommend a suitable replacement strategy.

Description of Replacement

The stainless steel ties used are reliable Double Mechanical Precision Pre-Torqued Tie that sets new standards in replacement wall ties. Its unique special coated black stainless steel precision limited torque nut combined with the precision modified stainless steel bar provides a fixing system which permits:

  • Rapid continuous fixing to both inner and outer leafs
  • Ensures inner leaf fixes to pre-torqued level before outer leaf engages
  • Pre-torqued setting reliably produces pull out figures of over 2.5 kilo newtons
  • Independent pull testing of the inner leaf AFTER fixing into the wall allows any or every tie to be pull tested on the inner leaf after initial fixing if required.

Replacement wall tie in place.


The stainless steel ties are manufactured to BS 5750 and installed in accordance with BRE Digests 401 and 329

For a survey please call the office on:

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