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  • Lifecote™  now offers a full 30 year guarantee for Water Proofing, Basement Tanking and external coating. Most  companies only offer 10 years so please check before buying!

  • Our guarantees are for both labour and materials. Please beware of guarantees that cover materials only.

  • Lifecote™ is expanding to Spain, France and Ireland.

  • Lifecote™ now offers Commercial Structural repairs and surveys in London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

  • Lifecote™ now undertakes all aspects of insurance work. This extends to flood damage, new Kitchens, roof repairs, full renovation, under pinning, and decoration in London, Hertfordshire and EssexClick Here  for more information. 

  • Our customers may pay for services using their credit card. Please click here to pay Lifecote™ .

  • Lifecote™  has launched 50 new websites across the UK to further promote and advertise our expansion.

  • Lifecote™ has opened  new branches in Scotland, Cornwall, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.  



Lifecote™ is undertaking the structural dampness elements of a complex of 12 separate one million pound basement units in one of the most exclusive locations in the UK. This process is called tanking and we are using our membrane solutions in this situation. 





Its a £50 Million NHBC project with extensive customer assurances required.


Why did the Architects, banks and fund managers pick Lifecote™  ahead of others to undertake the works?


The decision was made after close scrutiny of the companies financial viability, quality of workmanship, technical supervision and ability to meet all current on site legislation and insurance.


If these institutions choose Lifecote™  then you should be assured that your works would be completed to exceptional standards, reputation is everything, customer satisfaction our principle priority.  


Below are a few examples of our workmanship.


Please note it is not Lifecote™ policy to draw attention to rival companies’ workmanship, but we feel it’s important for the public to know how some companies may operate.


In this industry there are many sub-contractors working for well known and respected brand names. The simple reason is that it's cheaper. Please note Lifecote™ will never use sub-contractors. Our area managers are all hands on.


As we all know using Sub-contracted labour will cause problems. In the damp proofing industry these problems may be serious and costly but more importantly can cause distress, and subsequent damage to the owner’s property.


Below are a few examples of Lifecote™ work, in two cases, we were called to rectify National Branded named companies errors, as they would not return and correct the work themselves.       


Current Projects        


This ten bedroom house in Hampstead North London has both penetrating and rising damp problems. Below shows how our skilled technicians made structural repairs using the lasted resin bonding material .














The house had a new Dpc injected at the wrong height by the biggest damp Proofing company in the UK who returned to report that there was no fault in their work and blamed condensation as the cause of the internal paint flaking and earth salts discharging from the render.


Lifecote™ injected a new Dpc at the right height both internally and externally. Next we stripped off the internal render and made good with a water proof mix of sand and cement. The condensation then disappeared! Or maybe the rising damp issue was resolved by Lifecote™?













Each Elevation was repaired.













Each Elevation was treated with Rain Stopper then painted by the Lifecote Team.


In this example another brand company which is actually a Plc injected a Dpc at the wrong height, installed small plastic air bricks and left a down pipe discharging against the wall. The ground level was also far too high. This turned out to be a Polish Sub-contractor who had only one week training at the Plc.  













Lifecote™ injected a new Dpc, installed two correct sized air vents and reduced the ground level. We also stripped off the internal render and more importantly eliminated Dry Rot which had been caused as a direct result of the Polish worker not taking the correct remedial action. You can see the Dry Rot Damage below.  















Dry Rot Damage














Dry Rot Damage















Dry Rot in Skirting Board
















Lifecote™ recently undertook the structural water proofing and Timber preservation on David Beckham’s neighbours property in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire.


Earth retaining walls were tanked.
















All defective beam and Timber Cut Out


















New Beams installed
















Insulation and plaster board
















Joists are protected with DPc before insertion into walls









Joists are cemented in to prevent movement and noise








All work has an insurance backed guarantee for 30 years to include both labour and materials unlike other companies who supply materials only  


For a survey please call the office on:

Free Phone 0800 043 2096  

7 Days A Week   9.00am Till 9.00 pm


















































































































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