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Unfortunately disputes sometimes arise about damp proofing, timber treatment and general structural water proofing. These maybe design matters, quality of materials, workmanship or contractual situations related to buildings and structures.

It is preferable to avoid such situations in the first place by employing a professional to take care of your building contracts. However, when there is a dispute, it is best resolved quickly, and not allowed to develop into protracted arguments and counter-arguments leading to litigation. We recommend that you take professional advice on the dispute at an early stage.

Initially, we would inspect and investigate the problem and prepare a preliminary report in legal format. A copy would be provided to all parties.

This will deal with the strengths and weaknesses of the dispute and allow you to decide on the best way to proceed. Experience shows that a well researched and professionally presented report in the early stages of a dispute often leads to a quicker resolution, avoiding the need for court action.

Should the matter proceed further, are able to collect evidence, advise your solicitor, prepare a full Expert Witness Report and present this to the courts should this be required.

We are familiar with Lord Woolf's reforms of the court system and are happy to be appointed by both parties to a dispute as the Single Joint Expert if the court so directs.

Fees for such services vary according to the nature of the dispute, and the extent of services required. We can usually agree a fixed fee for the initial advice and report.

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How to avoid a cowboy surveyor!

Some companies go to great lengths to convince the public that they employ surveyors? Why? To give them credibility hoping you will buy their products and services and ultimately earn them commission!


No one at Lifecote Ltd is on commission. And we donít deceive the public claiming to be surveyors.


Most of Lifecote Ltd area managers are actually builders more qualified than most to diagnosis a problem.  


How easy is it to join a trade association? Then become a surveyor?


This is a copy of an e mail from the recruitment secretary of  a well known trade association


It really says it all!


Plus a bribe!


It reads:


Hi Graham,

Reference   your associates applying to join the Institute. If you feel they are competent and can produce  either an assessment of a damp situation or a  quotation  we would be happy to welcome  them.The  assessments  can be sent directly to me with an application cheque for £35.25 made out to the ISSE


An invitation to join would then be forwarded together with a standing order form or invoice for the annual membership fee of £176.25 vat included.Each applicant will be awarded M. Inst SSE, which is the mid point recognition status, and can be used after their names. Further scale status  would be Associate, Fellow, and Honorary Member.These are awarded for gaining  academic qualification which we can provide training for,and for service to the Institute,ie area management,and  work at directorship level.   


You personally would qualify as A.Inst SSE,as you have a degree. Should  you join up 40 prospective members, we would be happy to award you £800.00.

If you feel happy vouching for your prospective members CVs will not be necessary . I can forward application forms  should you require them.

Thank you for your inquiry. I will be on holiday from today  09 08 08 but will return to the office next Saturday. Feel happy to contact me by mobile number 07715 367684.


John Branston  F. Inst SSE  surveyor  Membership Director








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