Lifecote™ Specialist Render Systems

A new damp proof course will prevent moisture rising into the walls. However rising dampness brings soluble salts into the brickwork and wall plaster that are hygroscopic. The effect of the hygroscopic salts prevents the wall plaster from drying out effectively and therefore replacement with a salt retardant render, such as the Lifecote specialist Rendering System.

This is essential to provide perfect dry internal rendering finish. The mix forming the waterproof rendering system is a special blend of dried sands, Portland cement, lime if appropriate, and additives, along with polypropylene fibres to reduce shrinkage. The Lifecote waterproof rendering system is a key feature in ensuring reliability of the damp proofing system. Our rendering system is specifically designed for use on damp walls and removes the risk of unsuitable, poorly batched renders, which are commonly responsible for the failure of otherwise effective damp treatment.

The Lifecote waterproof rendering system is applied by our own highly trained technicians ensuring complete quality control at all stages. Lifecote will always provide a fixed price for our waterproof rendering and plastering works. The important factor and substantial difference from other damp proofing companies is that Lifecote will not vary the price once the existing render plaster system has been removed irrespective of the plaster thickness, the price remains the same.

Basically, we do not make an additional charge when the plaster is found to be thicker than expected. When comparing quotations, it is important to note that most companies provide an estimated cost for this work.

This is normally based on the assumption that the plaster does not exceed a certain thickness (often 18-25mm) and suddenly spring the “small print” on customers, if once the plaster has been taken off the wall, it is found to exceed this thickness.

Lifecote will provide a quote for the rendering and plastering, this is the price you will pay and we do not request any additional charges if thicker plaster is encountered.


You can be confident therefore that the quoted price for the works specified remains fixed. Our specialist re-plastering works are carried out by our own skilled technicians supervised by the appropriate Area manager for each region. The work is carried out in conjunction with our damp proofing treatments and quite uniquely in our industry, we do not use sub contractors.


You can be assured therefore of complete quality control throughout all stages of the damp proofing treatments. We would ask you when comparing quotations to always look at:


  1. The length of time the company has been trading. To compare Lifecote has been trading since 1978.
  2. Can the company issue insurance backed guarantees? It’s against the current regulations to issue guarantees without an insurance backed facilities.
  3. The length of guarantee? This is very important. If a company is just issuing a 10 year guarantee they don’t have much confidence in their own work or are using a substantially lower specification system to Lifecote. Lifecote only issues 30 year guarantees for its entire product range.
  4. Are they using sub contractors? You may see the results of using subcontractors click here 
  5. Are they VAT registered? If they are not you are dealing on the “black market” and do you think they will honour any guarantees?


Lifecote is now the recognised leader in Damp Proofing across the UK and you can be assured the job will be undertaken to your entire satisfaction.


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