Lifecote™ Product Range


Lifecote has a full stock of all damp proofing, timber treatment, structural water proofing and condensation systems.  


Our 30 branches Nationwide provide the most competitive quotations in the UK solely based on our unique business structure. These services are principally provided to the home owner.


But Lifecote now supplies builders and professional contractors with remedial chemicals.  


We donít however supply products to the general public for COSHH and other safety and environmental problems.


Builders and professionals (VAT Reg only) may request a quotation for any remedial product but we have a minimum order of £500.00 + VAT


Our Competitors are:

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Simply click on the websites above. 

Call them and get a quote. Then call us for a substantial discount.  


Lifecote will provide similar products at a substantial discount AND supply you with a guarantee for a small premium!  


We will also provide expert technical advice free of charge.

Lifecote offers a similar range of products to the companies listed above. But more importantly our products are greener and consequently substantially cheaper.


Lifecote historically used Dryzone for its operations and found the product to be excellent but grossly over priced, and damaging for the environment.


Dryzone cream is supplied in foils that require disposal in a safe and appropriate manner after use; this is not easy and far from satisfactory. The foils are contained in a cast cardboard box with dividers. The foils need changing every 3 meters of injected wall and no commercially minded company should use them.


There is no commercial benefit to Dryzone.


The whole package has a substantial carbon foot print. Our cream comes in a reusable plastic tub containing 5 litres of product thatís injected by a simple pump.


The container of cream will be enough to chemically inject 26 running metres of 9 inch brickwork. The cost is a fraction of Dryzone and will take a fraction of the time without the mess and damage to the environment.

Our products deliver on price and performance and guarantees may be available for your customers. Please ask.


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