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Why are our prices so competitive?

The company has no borrowing, overdrafts, loans or any other form of funding, and thus the minimum of overhead costs.This is the key for a successful progressive company given the current market. These savings are passed to our customers.     


We have expanded in a recession were others are facing liquidation.


At least two current “regional leaders” are now in administration. So it proves how important it is to choose a financially viable company. Lifecote is the only true market leader Nationwide. No other company covers the entire UK.   


Consider this important situation, If you pay £1000.00 for a new damp proof course with a failing company, a man and a van, or a newly incorporated company, there is a substantial risk that the company will go bust within 5 years.


It is a fact 90% of all companies in this industry go bust within the first 5 years.


Thus, you may have to pay another company a further £1000.00 to correct the works if a dampness issue reoccurs, and therefore your total expenditure would be £2000.00 Plus the inconvience that two treatments may cause. This could be extensive decoration.  


We encounter the above reoccurring problem with substantial frequency. Why not simply use Lifecote to fix the problem, at a fair and reasonable charge, permanently and without risk.

As a customer you need to find a cost effective solution to address any of the above problems. You need a company who will provide a long term guarantee, undertake subsequent works with professionalism and a high level of customer care with attention to detail.

The yellow pages or an internet search  will provide an extensive list of contractors but who are you actually dealing with? In every profession companies come and go. Due to this you could waste money on a company that at the best will do the job correctly but at the worse go out of business within a few years. Therefore, you would be left with a worthless piece of paper that provides no guarantee. These scenarios are eliminated by choosing Lifecote.

With over 30 offices  around the UK, and a trading history of over 16 years in the damp proofing industry you have the reassurance that 
guarantees  will be honoured (in the unlikely event of a claim) and quotations will be provided to the highest standards of content, cost and technical diagnosis.   

Current Lifecote projects can be seen at  Lifecote News  Thus there is no third party, or trade association to blame if problems re-occur in the future. Lifecote will attend and repair any defect in our works for the term of the guarantee. There is no quibble. Our customers should note Lifecote guarantee claims are less than 0.01% of our business over the last 16 years. A statistic we are very proud of. 

We spend tens of thousands of pounds in marketing yearly and this produces our three million pounds plus turnover. This in turn allows us to negotiate and buy our  remedial chemicals  in bulk at the cheapest possible rates. There is no company in the UK that can buy cheaper. This prudence creates a saving, and this saving is passed to you, the customer. This is why Lifecote will always beat any quotation in the entire industry.   

Furthermore, our  Area managers  are highly trained. They diagnose the problem and supervise the subsequent works without sub-contracting or employing third parties. This provides the highest standard of service with the knowledge the remedial works will be carried correctly and to the appropriate British Standard. No other company is offering this level of personalised service in the UK. Lifecote is committed to changing the standards of damp proofing and Timber works with this progressive policy.  

You can always personally contact a director on 07764 589 804 if you have any doubts or questions regarding our company.

For a survey please call the office on:

Free Phone 0800 043 2096  7 Days A Week   9.00am Till 9.00 pm











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