Lifecote™ Flood Damage

Flooding, whether due to a leak, burst pipe, water main or overflowing river is a traumatic experience.

No matter where the water came from, it will be contaminated. Water is insidious and compounds over time. This creates an unhealthy atmosphere that is conductive to the spread of toxic mould, mildew and bacteria.

Toxic mould is likely to grow where buildings have been subjected to water damage, including, flood, burst pipes and even uncontrolled condensation.

Because of the adverse effects of mould on human health through occupation of contaminated buildings

Flooding in Sheffield.The prompt remediation of contaminated material and infrastructure repair in water damaged areas, must be the primary response to fungal contamination in buildings.

Therefore quick thermo dynamic action is required to remove standing water immediately and to install drying equipment, dehumidifiers and air movers in order to mitigate the damage and address the presence of hazardous bacteria.

The drying out of a property is a specialist operation:

Too much heat will result in rapid drying and cause shrinkage of building materials. Insufficient drying and the lack of anti-fungal treatment can lead to wet & dry rot.

Only after the property has been thoroughly dried out, can the restoration program begin. 

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