Lifecote™ Insurance Claims and Resolution

Lifecote Ltd is a unique and highly successful company which carries out both insurance-related property restorations and general building repair.

We are an Insurance Claims Management Company, supplying a claims management service that is FREE* of charge to the insured.

When an insurance claim arises, Lifecote Claims will deal directly with your insurance company to effect a speedy and hassle free repair solution.

Insurance Claim Dispute? Need an Insurance Claims Specialist?

Lifecote can help you recover your full settlement for home insurance or commercial insurance claims. Our team of insurance loss specialists can manage your entire insurance claim process if you have suffered an insurance loss or damage to your business, home or personal possessions. We offer a full claims management service and can successfully resolve claim disputes for personal insurance claims and commercial insurance claims.

What can an Insurance Claims Specialist do for you?

As insurance claims specialists, Lifecote has experienced insurance loss assessors and insurance claims consultants that can handle all your needs for commercial insurance claims or home insurance claims:

·         Business Insurance Claims

·         Commercial Insurance Claims

·         Personal Insurance Claims

·         Household Insurance Claims

·         Building Contents Insurance Claims

·         Fire Damage Insurance Claims

·         Flood Damage Insurance Claims

·         Water Damage Insurance Claims

·         Theft Damage Insurance Claims

·         Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Fire Damage      
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