The Lifecote™ Guarantee


Lifecote has changed its policy on issuing guarantees. This is now done by down loading and printing from this website by clicking the link below.

The Lifecote 30 year guarantee is totally free of any charge.

However, there is still the option to have a posted signed and sealed guarantee issued if required. Our guarantees are regarded by many as the best in the entire industry.


Why has this been changed?


Like many other companies we are aiming at becoming carbon free as far as reasonably practical. Thus, the guarantees are now issued electronically and our customers may store these on their computers or if required print them. The guarantees can also be e mailed in this format.


Is this method of issue safe?


1. Yes totally, the guarantees are locked in PDF and all I.P addresses are recorded.


2. The guarantees are specifically linked to the Lifecote Contracts and thus cannot be abused by either party.


3. The guarantees are signed electronically by the directors and this is legally binding on Lifecote in this format.


Once you works have been complete you may apply for your guarantee by filling out a simple online form. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome your feedback on the individual branch that under took the works.


Once we received your application a password will be e mailed to you.


To complete a guarantee application Click on this link


DPA Underwritten Guarantees      More about DPA Click Here

Want an DPA guarantee, signed and sealed by the DPA? 

Then pay an administration fee of £39.00 plus VAT total £46.80 by  Clicking Here 


Lifecote  has been providing guarantees for over 20 years. Backed by the company’s extensive experience and trading history they represent a reliable assurance for both private and commercial customers.

Where specified as applicable in our Survey Report, the following standard Guarantee terms apply:

 Damp Proofing

          30 Years

 Structural Water proofing

          30 Years


          30 Years

 Dry Rot /Wet Rot

          30 Years

 Wall Ties  

          30 Years  

 External Coatings  

          30 Years


          30 Years





Lifecote Insurance Backed Guarantees 

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