How to spot and avoid Rogue Traders


There are some very good alternatives to Lifecote around the country. However, there are rogue traders or cowboys in every industry, from building works to advertising, damp proofing is no exception.  


But in the damp proofing and timber preservation industry it is relatively easy to expose a cowboy or rogue trader.


This is the guide on how to spot a rogue trader:



  1. If a company is not a registered limited company, its actually is not a company at all! This is the most important starting point. If it’s a non limited company then an individual is trading with an invented name, they are trading without company law or registration. The situation rapidly declines if he has no VAT registration. This means basically the trader is new, trading illegally or simply avoiding any form of taxation. If he will do this to the government what chance has his customers got in terms of future guarantee claims. Lifecote Ltd is clearly VAT registration, an established Limited company paying its VAT and corporation tax. We have undertaken 5,000 + contracts and have no guarantee claims outstanding. Any claim under our guarantee is immediately dealt with following established procedures.  


  1. The length of time the company has been trading. Please note 50% of damp proofing companies go out of business in their first year and 90% within 5 years! To compare Lifecote has been trading since 1978. If you employ a company to undertake your damp proofing works then it goes bust, as many one man bands do, you will simply have to pay a second time. Why not avoid the risk and employ Lifecote to undertake your remedial works to the highest standards.  


  1. Can the company issue insurance backed guarantees? It’s against the current regulations to issue guarantees without an insurance backed facilities. Look to see if the business is being operated from a mobile phone! Many are and once the phone goes off, so does your guarantee.


  1. The length of guarantee? This is very important. If a company is just issuing a 10 year guarantee they don’t have much confidence in their own work or are using a substantially lower specification system to Lifecote Ltd. Lifecote Ltd only issues 30 year guarantees for its entire product range. If a company claims to be “approved” by its chemical supplier this means they are just buying from that supplier, essentially it s a worthless piece of paper that will soon evaporate once the “trader” goes into liquidation. This is normally used as a last act of desperation to show potential customers some creditability.


  1. Are they using sub contractors? You may see the results of using subcontractors click here

Lifecote is now the recognised leader in Damp Proofing across the UK and you can be assured the job will be undertaken to your entire satisfaction.


Clearly just by the sheer size of the group must say it all. But with size comes purchasing power and ability to obtain chemical supplies at rock bottom prices we are no Tesco or Asda but the similar policy applies. In most cases we are far cheaper than other companies and provide a higher level of expertise and customer service. 

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