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Located near London

5 rating 18 hours ago
11 Jan 2013

Fixed Dry Rot

I had Dry rot throughout my house, and took 4 quotes. Prices ranged from someone wanting to just spray everything to Rentokil and Lifecote Group offering a comprehensive service exposing joists and floor boards. We decided to go with the LifecoteGroup, the job took three weeks to complete, but they had staff there every day, very impressed James Cooper the surveyor who supervised the job.

Located near London
5 rating 16 hours ago
11 Jan 2013

Thanks Lifecote

I was given this firms number by the Damp Proofing Association after finding out the company who treated my walls before has gone out of business. The Surveyor produced a file with hundreds of references, felt very at easy with these people. Will recommend Steve Hawes and his team.

Located near London

5 rating 5 Days ago
07 Jan 2013


I invited the Lifecote Group to quote for my barn conversion, found the Surveyor Ray Johal very knowledgeable and provided a good quote. Work done on time. Being part of The Damp Proofing Association is very reassuring indeed Thank You!

5 rating 7 Days ago
05 Jan 2013


Mr Chatfield



Great Company

I had an anti condensation unit fitted to resolve damp, condensation and mould problems. I was skeptical in the beginning that the unit would work. The unit was installed and provided immediate resolution. No damp, no condensation and no mould. The Installer gave me confidence due to his knowledge and convinced me this was the way to go. I had other builder proposals put forward e.g. dry lining re-plastering etc. but all would have been a waste of money. Well done Lifecote. A company with the customer at heart.Tim Briers 10 out of 10!!


Mike Allen



5 rating 2 Days ago
10 Janc 2013

I have known Graham Steele for 10 years and his company has undertook around 30 contracts for us, I can recommend him without hesitation we will continue our association again next year. The level of service is exceptional from this company they have the infrastructure to take on any project I present to them.


Direct Request


Paul Lewis

Located near London

5 rating 18 hours ago
21 Dec 2012
David Day BSc (Hons) FRICS Lifecote Group

I invited the Lifecote Group to quote for my barn conversion, found the Surveyor Ray Johal very knowledgeable and provided a good quote. Work done on time. Being part of The Damp Proofing Association is very reassuring indeed Thank You!

5 rating 2 days ago
19 Dec 2012
Paul Lewis Lifecote Group

Good job start to finish would recommend them.

5 rating 3 days ago
18 Dec 2012
Dan Love Lifecote Group

Fixed the damp

Turned up on time, did the job with no fuss or mess. Good bunch of workmen would recommend.

Located near London

5 rating 2 weeks ago
09 Dec 2012
Linda Harding Lifecote Group

Fixed Dry Rot

I had Dry rot throughout my house, and took 4 quotes. Prices ranged from someone wanting to just spray everything to Rentokil and Lifecote Group offering a comprehensive service exposing joists and floor boards. We decided to go with the LifecoteGroup, the job took three weeks to complete, but they had staff there every day, very impressed James Cooper the surveyor who supervised the job.

Located near Southampton

5 rating 2 weeks ago
09 Dec 2012
John McDavies Lifecote Group

Good work

The Surveyor at Lifecote Group was very knowledgeable, sat us down explained all our problems and offered various solutions to meet our budget. Moreover, he returned after the job was complete to inspect and give us the guarantee. Very impressed, good firm.

Located near London , United Kingdom, UNITED KINGDOM

5 rating 3 weeks ago
02 Dec 2012
Linda Taylor Lifecote Group

Damp work

Very impressed with the service, would recommend to others.

Located near London , United Kingdom, UNITED KINGDOM

5 rating 3 weeks ago
02 Dec 2012
Jim Yong Lifecote Group

They did a good job

We invited 3 companies to quote, this one , seemed the best and did a good job. Clean & Tidy.

Located near essex , United Kingdom, UNITED KINGDOM

5 rating 3 weeks ago
02 Dec 2012
Alan Walker Lifecote Group

Very Good Job well done

I had a house full of black mould that no one could fix, this firm fitted one of their units in my loft in 2 hours and the matter is totally resolved, supervised by Tim Briers. Had two other firms in who wanted to hack of my plaster and charge thousands these people charged me £650 plus the tax. Good firm to deal with.

Located near Sheffield , United Kingdom, UNITED KINGDOM

5 rating 3 weeks ago
30 Nov 2012
Liz Hall Lifecote Group

Thanks Lifecote

I was given this firms number by the Damp Proofing Association after finding out the company who treated my walls before has gone out of business. The Surveyor produced a file with hundreds of references, felt very at easy with these people. Will recommend Steve Hawes and his team.

Located near London, United Kingdom, UNITED KINGDOM

5 rating 3 weeks ago
30 Nov 2012
Simon Monk Lifecote Group

The job was done quickly and efficiently with the minimum of mess

Located near Bristol, United Kingdom

5 rating 4 weeks ago
23 Nov 2012
Mary Shipway Lifecote Group

Lifecote Devon & Cornwall (Mr Farran Mackay) undertook damp treatment, preservation and replastering of basement room wall following a site visit where a number of options were discussed and followed up with written quotations. Following selection the work was conducted over three days (owing to treatment drying times) without fuss or too much mess and the room left ready for redecorating. A good job and well recommended.

5 rating 4 weeks ago
22 Nov 2012
Lifecote Group

Basement tanking by Lifecote Group

We have had our basement converted into a living area by this company. This was a substantial investment and we wanted to choose the best but not the most expensive! Most companies we contacted wanted to charge a fee to come out as we live in central London, this firm said they obviously don’t want your business and came our for free. They gave us a highly competitive quote and completed the works within 2 weeks. Very impressed with the finish and workers. We received a 30 year insurance backed guarantee. Would recommend they do as they promise.

Located near London

5 rating 1 month ago
17 Nov 2012
jack Davies-Smith Lifecote Group

Review of lifecote Group

For years we have suffered Damp and mould, I have had at least 4 Damp Proofing companies in who gave quotes from £300 to £3000 and I had no confidence in any of these. The industry trade body the Damp Proofing Association put us in touch with these people. Firstly, the surveyor was on time and very well presented, explained the problem to my wife and I and demonstrated the solution with a special Lifecote fan unit that sits in our loft. This cost us £650 + VAT and the Lifecote electrician fitted the unit within an hour and provided a vital certificate we needed for renting the property out. Can’t fault this firm, would recommend to others with Damp or mould issues.

Located near London

5 rating 1 month ago
17 Nov 2012
James Woodhouse Lifecote Group

Lifecote Tender review

The Lifecote Group have just completed a commercial tender for us. The tender was completed on time and within budget. The installations were from Cornwall to Glasgow and all their office regions performed well. Yes I would recommend this firm to others, very well organised and always someone on the phone to talk to. Good performance and well done.

Located near London

5 rating 1 month ago
17 Nov 2012
Dr Paul Thomas Lifecote Group

Thank you very much

The gentleman who came to give me a quote obviously knew his job and explained as he went along. (I had two other quotes from other companies who didn’t give me any confidence that they knew their job) The quote was competative and the service exceptional. The men who came to do my damp proofing were punctual, polite, friendly and very professional. They disrupted me as little as possible and tidied up after themselves so you wouldn’t know anyone had been there. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other people

Located near Derby, United Kingdom, UNITED KINGDOM

5 rating 1 month ago
16 Nov 2012
Andrea Atkinson Lifecote Group

Structural Repair By Lifecote

The work was supervised by father and Son team, Chris and Scott Maynard, we took three quotes, this quote was the middle one and given the fact it’s a basement in Central London we wanted the job done properly. The key element in this project was either Scott or Chris was present every day to check on progress and supervise the works. I would not hesitate in recommending both Chris or Scott and the very efficient team who neither smoked, played music or knocked off early. A credit To The Lifecote Group.

Located near London

5 rating 1 month ago
15 Nov 2012
Sally Johnson Lifecote Group

Lifecote Group Structural Repair

Our house developed structural cracks requiring specialist attention. I made a number enquires but almost every firm I called said they could not help or wanted to charge for the quote which I was surprised at. Contacted this firm and within 24 hours a Surveyor called and undertook a free and I must say, comprehensive survey. The quote arrived a few days later and was very fair and reasonable, I got my father in law who is an actual structural engineer to read it and he agreed with its contents. The Lifecote Group undertook the crack brick stitching and also installed Wall ties that stabilized the building. Included in the quote was a free structural guarantee for 30 years. The technicians were very knowledgeable and undertook the task swiftly. I would recommend this firm to those reading this article.

Located near London

5 rating 1 month ago
15 Nov 2012
Thomas Norman Lifecote Group

Very Pleased with Lifecote Leicester Experience

The initial free survey was very through and the advice given sensible and informative. The works were arranged and completed without fuss and the quality of workmanship very good. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for damp proofing.

Located near Manchester, United Kingdom

5 rating 1 month ago
11 Nov 2012
Lifecote Group

Lifecote Basement Review

The Damp Proofing Association recommended this firm to me, I wanted a quote to water proof my basement. My call was answered promptly and I was getting fed up calling other firms to hear an answer machine or someone taking my call on his mobile phone. A Surveyor was sent out within 24 hours and within a further 48 hours I received a detailed quotation and a realistic price structure. The quote was not the cheapest but having a basement conversion done on the cheap and flooding would not be my preferred mode of operation. I gave them the contract and within 14 days had a completed basement which included plumbing and electrics all undertaken by the same Surveyor who personally supervised the installation. Was I impressed? Yes I was and certainly very impressed when the actual manufacturer turned up to sign the job off. Great service would recommend them

Located near London

5 rating 1 month ago
11 Nov 2012
James Anderson Lifecote Group

Lifecote Group Review

Our house suffered with excessive condensation and mould problems for years, we had tried everything. Local builder fitted air vents, insulation and repaired loft but still mould everywhere. I called in the Lifecote Group and the surveyor recommended fitting one of their units in my loft. Within days the entire house was mould free I cannot recommend this company more. The unit cost me £650.00 + VAT and was cheaper than the other companies I contacted, some of those companies even wanted to charge to give me a quote. Within days a ten year guarantee was received through the post. Old fashioned service from a customer valued company.

Located near London

5 rating 1 month ago
11 Nov 2012
Tony Bridger Lifecote Group

Quick & Efficient

The service received was quick and efficient – workforce were polite and professional – generally a pleaseure to deal with.

Located near London, United Kingdom, UNITED KINGDOM

5 rating 1 month ago
05 Nov 2012
Lifecote Group

Superb advice and service – you won’t beat it.

Excellent experience. I have been trying tosolve my damp problems for YEARS! Nobody seemed able or willing to help me get things sorted. The surveyor who came round really did know his stuff and was very practical and down to earth, truly wanting to solve the problem in the most efficient and economical way. The job went as planned, the guys worked like trojans late into the evening. Can’t recommend them enough – many thanks!

Located near London, United Kingdom

5 rating 1 month ago
01 Nov 2012


As noted in our request for a guarantee certificate, we will only know the true result of the service received as the years go by and our damp problem does not return. We were very satisfied with the way the work was carried out by David Risby and his assistant.

5 rating 2 months ago
18 Oct 2012
Lifecote Group

Excellent work by Lifecote (Scotland) Limited

I recently had work completed in two of the rooms in my home by Graham Davison of Lifecote (Scotland) ltd. Graham called me after I had completed an on line enquiry promptly, came to the house on time to survey and delivered a very competitive quote compared to two other local companies. During and after the survey Graham explained in simple terms what was needing done and was extremely helpfull throughout the whole process. The work was completed on schedule, to the agreed price and all the waste material was taken away nd the house left in a tidy fashion. The standard of the work is extremely high and I will certainly be recommending Graham and Lifecote to anyone who needs this kind of work done. Thank you.

Located near Greenock

5 rating 2 months ago
15 Oct 2012
Gerry Linning Lifecote Group

The damp proofing that was carried out on my flat was done in a very professional manner and I am delighted with the work and the Guarantee offered with this process.

Customer Service was good although I would prefer to talk to someone and not have to do it on the internet but apart from that everything was done very well and on time.

Located near Watford, United Kingdom

5 rating 2 months ago
27 Sep 2012
David Hall Lifecote Group

Lifecote – Roof Woodwrom Treatment

The initial call was promptly answered and the agreed service was delivered promptly and in a professional manner. The regional representative (Farran Mackay) made a full professioal assessment of this and other issues conducting only the necessary work and advising on other points where necessary. The task itself whilst difficult was swifly executed witout fuss or mess and the guarantee issued promptly. Would employ again.

Located near plymouth

5 rating 2 months ago
23 Sep 2012
Lifecote Group

Careful, clean and thorough – highly recommended

Lifecote were recommended by a neighbour which is always reassuring. The Survey was the most thorough of five I had done from different companies yet the quote wasnt the most expensive. Also, in contrast tosome other contrractors, I was spoken to as an intelligent person with possible causes discussed with me and damp readings shown as the surveyor went round. Other companies didnt bother with one corner because there was a chair in the way! Lifecote had spotted a possible problem outside and went into that corner, moving furniture to so. The work was carried out courteoulsy, within time limits and on the agreed dates and each day they cleaned up and cleared debris into bags. The used sheeting to protect surfaces. Well worth sustaining them with Tea and Biscuits! Clear advice was given about waiting to decorate in writing and verbally. Highly recommended

5 rating 3 months ago
22 Sep 2012
Dr Ruth Lee Lifecote Group

Good service, would recommend.

4 rating 4 months ago
04 Aug 2012
Jane Davies Lifecote Group

Stephen Hawes and his team provided an excellent service from enquiry to execution happy to recommend them!

5 rating 4 months ago
24 Jul 2012
greg Hussain Lifecote Group

Beat all my other quotes by 10% good as it gets. Would recommend Gordon Winchester of The Lifecote Group.

5 rating 4 months ago
24 Jul 2012
Mike Alan Lifecote Group

Recommended to us by The Damp Proofing Association, carried out their contact with great care. Good firm to deal with.

5 rating 4 months ago
24 Jul 2012
James Morris Lifecote Group

Good clean, tidy job at right price.

4 rating 4 months ago
24 Jul 2012
David Burt Lifecote Group

Only company to dig out the basement, water proof, underpin electrics, plumbing and decoration. All with insurance guarantee. Good as it gets!

5 rating 5 months ago
10 Jul 2012
Roger Peters Lifecote Group

Commercial Basement in West London, work completed on time within budget, very knowledgeable surveyors. Good firm.

4 rating 5 months ago
10 Jul 2012
Steve West Lifecote Group

The representative was excellent from start to finish. He provided a detailed report on what was needed and what he was going to do to resolve the problem and it was all over in 2 days and my house was left in immaculate condition afterwards. My plumber was happy with the work as well.

Located near (Private Address)

5 rating 5 months ago
10 Jul 2012
Margaret Allen Lifecote Group

Thanks did a good job

4 rating 5 months ago
09 Jul 2012
Paul Jenkins Lifecote Group

I invited 3 firms to quote for my basement conversion, the Lifecote Group won the job on recommendation from my neighbour. Good bunch of professionals not the cheapest but without doubt the best. Impressive guarantee!

5 rating 5 months ago
09 Jul 2012
Don Little Lifecote Group

The Surveyor really knew his stuff, cheaper than Kenwood, would recommend!

Damp proofing in dining room and hall cupboard.

Well organised, not pushy in planning. Polite, pleasant employees. Pleasure to have in my home, very good job done.Customer in Walton-on-thames, 9 January 2013

Excellent work – very efficient and tidy – would definitely recommend.Customer in Epsom, 5 December 2012

Tanking and damp work.

Lifecote was extremely helpful and giving good advice. All work was done to a very high standard.Customer in Twickenham, 30 November 2012

Visit to inspect suspected damp issues.

Having read other reviews I was reasonably confident that Lifecote would provide honest advice and that is exactly what I got! The wet patches on the chimney breast were caused by a fault with the roof and this advice has saved me a lot of time and money. I thoroughly recommend Lifecote and will keep their number as my 1st point of contact in the future.Customer in Staines-upon-Thames, 13 November 2012

Damp proofing certain areas in the bathroom.

The operative who did the work was very efficient, punctual and respectful towards us and our property. He cleaned and tidied up each day.Customer in Mitcham, 30 October 2012

Assess the extent of dry rot outbreak and undertake remedial work.

All the Lifecote Surrey Ltd staff involved in the work were professional and courteous. The thoroughness and attention to detail were commendable. Overall they made an unpleasant and worrying experience as bearable as it could be. The approach to explaining matters clearly, calmly and thoroughly provided reassurance even when the new was ‘bad’.Customer in Twickenham, 29 October 2012

Remove and replace damp over a 4m length and treat.

Professional from start to finish. Workman Dan was tidy, courteous and efficient. Great all round.Customer in Hounslow, 23 October 2012

Wood worm treatment of loft spaces

Good, professional service, very helpful company.Customer in West Drayton, 23 October 2012

Survey to resolve damp problem in two problem in two properties.

Informative, helpful and honest.Customer in Worcester Park, 17 October 2012

Possible damp problem.

Lifecote came to have a look at a potential problem with possible damp/rotten floor boards. However no work was required but he gave some excellent advice on preventing damp and increasing air circulation. Highly recommended, would definitely be 1st people to contact if any problems arose in the future.Customer in Walton-on-Thames, 1 October 2012

I needed a damp specialist to follow up on a survey I had on my new home before I exchanged. I was looking for an honest appraisal of the situation and the work required, and Lifecote provided just that. Lifecote was early to the appointment and was clearly advising on what was best rather than trying to get business for his company. He advised that I need do nothing, but he did give me some really good tips on avoiding damp and condensation in the future. If I ever did need work doing I would not hesitate to use Lifecote. Very professional, thank you!Customer in Coulsdon, 9 August 2012

Advice about area of damp in ground floor bathroom.

Not a job which Lifecote could undertake (plumber or builder). Rang me with details of how problem could be rectified.Customer in Richmond, 8 August 2012

Survey of damp.

Brilliant service. Lifecote gave thorough advice and took the time to explain required repairs to both me and my husband.Customer in London, 6 August 2012

Assessment of damp patch a wall.

Punctual. Good explanation and advice, no charge as no work required. Customer in Esher, 2 August 2012

Estimate only.

Lifecote have not yet done any work for us, because we have only had an estimate so far, because Lifecote, the surveyor who came to see us, very kindly advised us to see if the condensation came back, before we needed to do anything. I felt it necessary to mention this, as allot of tradesmen would make out the work was needed even if it was not! Will definitely use this company if needed in the future.Customer in Woking, 31 July 2012

Survey to see damp.

Drain pipes causing the problem – recommend I get plumber – no their find of work.Customer in Guildford, 18 July 2012

To survey possible damp problem.

Gave a review of problems and remedial actions required. Customer in , 11 July 2012

First class. Customer in Esher, 4 July 2012

Assessed penetrating damp for corrective work

Booked surveyor to assess root cause of penetrating damp on outside wall. He arrived on time, was courteous and knowledgeable. Recommended course of action to replace exterior render, which his investigation showed was leaking and advised that getting work done by a builder would be cheaper than a damp specialist. Very impressed with high degree of professionalism. Customer in Surbiton, 2 July 2012

Damp proofing and re-plaster

Thorough survey by Lifecote and an extremely quick and competitive quote provided. The work was completed on a Saturday too, which helped immensely. Wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. Customer in Twickenham, 16 June 2012

On time, polite and offered objective advice about resolving damp issues. Didn’t quote for unnecessary work like other companies. Customer in London, 25 May 2012

Damp proofing and re-plaster remove boxing and pipe work.

The surveyor was extremely helpful. The person who did the work was very good. Would recommend and use again if needed. Customer in Ruislip, 19 May 2012

Survey for driveway problems/new damp proof course.

Really professional and honest, no pressure into having work done that wasn’t needed. Great advice given. Would use/recommend for future. Customer in West Byfleet, 30 April 2012

Survey was done on a leak

Professional advice and great honesty in service.Customer in London, 26 April 2012

Advice on getting rid of damp free survey of wall affected.

Lifecote was helpful with advice and courteous – he rang ahead because he was running 10 minutes late.Customer in West Molesey, 1 April 2012

House treated for woodworm

Working with Lifecote Surrey went really smoothly – from the initial call to the work carried out. When we found out we had to get the house treated for woodworm I searched for companies in our area. Lifecote Surrey were really helpful on the phone, and sent their surveyor, Gary Moakes, over to our house within a few days of the call. Gary confirmed the woodworm problem, and sent through a quote and a comprehensive report within 2 days after the survey. The quote was very reasonable and we agreed a date for the house to be treated. Lifecote were punctual, left the house tidy, and shortly after the work was completed they sent us the certificate to confirm treatment. Overall we were really happy with the work, and would recommend this company.Customer in Windsor, 19 March 2012

Advice on suspected rising damp problem.

Lifecote said we didn’t have rising damp, pointed out what was causing the damp problem and gave specific instructions on remedial work, we will be able to carry out ourselves. Customer in Aldershot, 9 March 2012

Damp proofing.

The workman was extremely professional, tidy and informative. A pleasure to have working in our home, we would recommend Lifecote.Customer in Surbiton, 21 February 2012

Woodworm inspection

Efficient handling of initial calls to office.Lifecote visited our premises with a view to quoting for woodworm treatment. No work was needed, but Ray’s advice on this and another issue with the property was invaluable – and cost us nothing. Should we ever need their services, they’ll be the first to contact. Very many thanks.Customer in East Molesey, 20 January 2012

Advice of damp problem to interior walls, old house.

Informative, direct, authoritative, advice on remedial damp.Customer in Haslemere, 1 January 2012

Damp survey

I booked Lifecote to carry out a damp inspection on a property we’re hoping to buy, as advised in our homebuyers survey. The company were very efficient and polite in setting up the appointment, and have just called to confirm that actually there is no damp just condensation. As with the customer in Thames Ditton, Lifecote was very reassuring and also offered helpful tips on how to avoid this problem in future. I was really impressed with the service especially as we didn’t pay a penny for the inspection. Customer in West Molesey, 20 December 2011

Investigated suspected damp problem.

Very efficient. Prompt service. Courteous on the phone when making appointment and very polite in person. Customer in Addlestone, 20 December 2011

Free survey

Friendly and very helpful with good advice even when there was no work in it for them. Customer in Chertsey, 30 November 2011


After having inspected the affected area, Lifecote was honest enough to say that we did not have a problem with damp. Instead the problem was down to condensation and Lifecote gave very practical advice on how to better ventilate the property. Very courteous and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend. Customer in Thames Ditton, 25 November 2011

Installation of ventilators.

Highly efficient, from the surveyor to the operator. Customer in Richmond, 23 November 2011

Damp proof course, timbers replaced and chemical treatment

Lifecote was very prompt and courteous with his surveys and quotes. Dan completed the work and was early every day and worked very hard throughout the day. The standard of work seems extremely good but as with all damp treatments only time can tell on the quality. Only slight issue was that the guarantee took a long time to arrive and needed chasing by me. Other than that I was very happy with the work and would recommend Customer in Worcester Park, 21 October 2011

Replace damp proof course in kitchen and dining room and re plastered.

Quick and efficient free survey and quote with detailed plan. Very helpful and friendly and efficient people and high quality work. Guarantee provided. Very satisfied.Customer in Lancing, 29 September 2011

Survey of damp problem.

Lifecote came to give us an opinion on a damp problem he advised us that no action other than replastering was needed and made no charge for his service. I would recommend this company.Customer in Ashford, 16 September 2011

Treatment of small area of woodworm

Service was prompt and very good, I would recommend them to friends.Customer in Cobham, 28 August 2011

Damp proof replacement.

Did the job in time as detailed in quotation. Customer in Richmond, 1 August 2011

Review of damp patch on internal wall.

Well informed and very helpful. Customer in Epsom, 28 July 2011

Survey of house for damp and woodworm

Quick response and courteous, survey right on time, good communications. Customer in Twickenham, 9 July 2011

Four Black-hole ventilators fitted

Lifecote was very professional with his survey and quotation. The whole job was completed by Stewart in a professional, timely manner. He described what he was going to do BEFORE he started. He discussed what options regarding positioning of the vents were available to us. The whole work area was kept as clean as possible during the work and completely cleaned up after. We would thoroughly recommend this service to anybody.Customer in Ashford, 14 June 2011

Existing plaster removed from lounge wall and re-plastered.

This is the second job Lifecote have done for us and on both occasions have been very happy with the service, highly recommend. Customer in Godalming, 10 June 2011

Survey only.

Thankfully we only needed a survey to tell us that the wall was not damp. Ray’s advice was well received. Customer in London, 27 May 2011

Damp survey.

They were on time and helpful.Customer in Egham, 12 May 2011

Free survey to advice on possible damp problem

Surveyor was prompt, professional and friendly. He quickly assessed the problem and gave succinct, helpful advice. Customer in Egham, 14 March 2011

I was pleased with advice and item. Customer in Thames Ditton, 25 February 2011

Survey re potential damp problem

Surveyor was knowledgeable and very honest about what could and could not be done.Customer in East Molesey, 23 February 2011

Damp proof course, removed and re plaster.

Very good workmanship, he seems to enjoy his work / skills. He gets satisfaction getting his work / job done. 1st class. Customer in Hounslow, 17 February 2011

Assessment of damp problem given verbally.

I asked for a survey of a damp problem the advice was thorough and efficient and did not have to carry out any work. I would recommend this company. Customer in Hampton, 1 January 2011

Applied damp proof course to 2 and a half sides of our dining room

The work done was obviously by an inspection of the property. The inspection showed up areas of damp in three walls of an extent ion. However, the problems that arose later stemmed from in my opinion the inadequacy of the initial inspection. The initial inspection should have revealed very obvious signs that unless other work was done to the outside of the property first any damp proofing of the walls were bound to fail. Work completed early December 2010 but by March 2011 damp testing instruments were clearly indicating serious problems with damp penetration remained. In short we paid a lot of money for work that a competent inspection should have revealed was wholly inappropriate at the time.Customer in West Molesey, 8 December 2010

Response from Lifecote Surrey Ltd:
We were requested to inspect on damp problems in the dining room area in November 2010, the meter readings showed areas that needed damp proof associated works following the free survey we carried out. Weather permitting we could see if the guttering and down pipe were leaking, but it was not raining on the day of the survey. When we returned and found low moderate damp readings and discovered that the guttering/downpipe were leaking we recommended that the client employ a competent builder to rectify the guttering and we would be happy to return to re test the damp readings, but we could see no reason why future readings would show any damp once the guttering/ downpipe were repaired.

Survey for potential damp

Lifecote was thoroughly professional. He did not try to take advantage of our lack of knowledge regarding damp problems and instead he described what the problem was and gave numerous tips on how to prevent it happening again. Would highly recommend him to anyone. Customer in New Malden, 7 December 2010

Damp and woodworm investigation.

We are looking to buy a Victorian cottage in East Molesey. Lifecote met with the local estate agent and completed the survey on time. They rang me the same day to say that they had completed the inspection and could find no areas of damp, woodworm or dry rot. When I asked how much did I owe for the service, they said that the survey is free and that not only that, we do not need to have any remedial work done to the property. A great service, they gave us piece of mind about our purchase and I would highly recommend this company to anyone. Customer in Esher, 9 November 2010

Free estimate of cost of damp proofing work on property we are buying.

Identified roof repairs needed to address the damp problem but no actually damp proofing work which Lifecote could themselves carry out, so no income for them. Feedback was prompt, friendly, clear and helpful. An excellent service. Customer in Surbiton, 10 September 2010

Advice on how to get rid of damp

Lifecote was very polite and helpful; I would definitely recommend Lifecote in London, 6 August 2010

Survey for damp wall

He looked at the problem and identified the problem as a dripping overflow, not rising damp.Customer in Cobham, 29 June 2010

Advice re damp problem.

I would recommend this company. Customer in New Malden, 14 April 2010

Damp treated wasn’t necessary, but Lifecote was very helpful and obliging, advising me on what was necessary. Customer in Reading, 10 April 2010

Building – general.

Your operative, Daniel was very efficient, quick and left the site in a spotless condition. Customer in Cobham, 6 April 2010

Building – general.

Trader was called to look at walls damp, identified a fault with the roof and advised getting a roofer to do the work.Customer in Woking, 19 March 2010

Inspection of damp wall.

Lifecote arrived on time and was very courteous. He explained that damp treatment was not necessary here and how to remedy the problem ourselves. Excellent service 10/10.Customer in London, 18 February 2010

Assesses and diagnose damp problem

Lifecote came to complete a damp survey, arrived promptly and quickly diagnosed the problem and told us that what work needed doing was minimal and told us how to do it. Did not try and sell anything or advise his company to do the work, what more can I say. Excellent, 10/10Customer in Epsom, 21 November 2009

Dealing with rising damp and re-plastering.

Can’t fault service or work done – would definitely recommend. Customer in Richmond, 5 November 2009

Inspection of damp

Free inspection of damp in wall. Great service. Highly recommendedCustomer in Esher, 23 October 2009

Requested survey and quotation

Lifecote arrived spot on time and carried out a survey of a suspected damp problem. He reported residual damp from a previous washing machine hose leak and simply suggested de-humidifying the room. He pointed out several flaws the original plasterers had made 20 years ago but said they were not critical and made no attempt to capitalise. Excellent service and though we didn’t need their services this time, they are number one in our books for the future. Customer in Surbition, 8 October 2009

Free survey


Lifecote turned up on time, and gave a good review of damp problems and remedial actions needed.Customer in London, 1 October 2009

Free wood survey.

Came out to do a timber survey. Advised no action required. Very polite, on time and thorough. Customer in Camberley, 23 July 2009

Installation of Air Bricks

Lifecote came over and advised on the best course of action to remedy a damp flat. His guys came over and installed air bricks, maintained a vent and were extremely professional. I would recommend to anyone. First class. Customer in Hampton, 1 July 2009

Damp proofing.

Very professional work. I would recommend them. Customer in Ashford, 12 June 2009

Survey for damp walls

Provided a survey free of charge, survey did not lead to more Eagle related work and they were happy to tell us to see an independent expert for the problem. I would recommend them. Customer in ‘, 10 June 2009

Inspection of damp course.

Lifecote was very helpful and his appraisal was honest and thorough. I would recommend them.Customer in West Byfleet, 4 June 2009

Estimate and advice

Came to give a quote and was very helpful and advised what needed to be done and that this could be done by me, very helpful and good advice. I would recommend them.Customer in Esher, 1 April 2009

Install soak away trenches and patch render, install room vents

Very courteous service from first estimate to completion. High quality of work, can highly recommend. Many thanks Ray and your team! Customer in Esher, 23 March 2009

Chemical damp course – rising damp

A professional firm who completed the work on time to a very high standard. I would recommend them. Customer in Surbiton, 19 March 2009

Some block paving removed, to make a gully, replaced with shingle.

Lifecote arrived promptly and after investigating informed us it was condensation not damp. Advised us on what action to take that didn’t involve any work for eagle, Very pleasant. I would recommend them. Customer in Sutton, 18 March 2009

Supply and install 2x stadium black hole ventilators.

I found workman to be helpful, tidy and courteous. Customer in Sutton, 17 February 2009

Condensation and dampness in wall due to leak from dishwasher

I would recommend them. Customer in Warlingham, 26 January 2009

Damp proofing of front hallway.

Good quality work completed on time by courteous, punctual workers – I would highly recommend them. Customer in New Malden, 22 January 2009

Visit to determine if damp in house.

Lifecote arrived promptly on time. Told us not damp but condensation causing problems. Gave us tips on how to stop this happening around the house. Very pleasant man, never tried to sell us extra un-needed products, very efficient. I would recommend them.Customer in East Molesey, 12 December 2008

Assess a damp/condensation problem

We called the company was called in to assess whether there was a damp/condensation problem. They advised it was condensation and recommended installing 2 Black0hole Ventilators. This work has been carried out. Came when they promised, very quick work, pleasant and helpful workmen, explained what they were doing, minimised disruption. I would happily use them again. Customer in Sutton, 5 November 2008

Damp rectification estimate / advice.

Very friendly and helpful, actually advising against paying for any specific work to be done. I would recommend them. Customer in Esher, 22 October 2008

Estimate for damp and woodworm

Prompt, courteous and honest – could have said we needed to treat house but said it has not necessary. In addition advised about other issues that would not lead to work for them – very impressive. I would recommend them. Customer in Lower Sunbury, 21 October 2008

Install Damp Course

Professional job at competitive cost well in contention with the market. Staff polite and considerate of needs of confused old lady. Quality not for uninitiated to assess but a 30 year guarantee gave assurance. Customer in Ashford, 15 October 2008

Advice and damp survey.

Gary my surveyor. He couldn’t have been more helpful of practical. He has put my mind at rest and solved some pretty serious problems. I am so grateful to him. I got an earlier survey, the person who disinterested and very unhelpful. Gary was a breath of fresh air, thank you. I would recommend them. Customer in Surrey, 14 September 2008

Repaired DPC and full house woodworm treatment

Neat, reliable and professional. I would use them again. I would recommend them.Customer in London, 20 August 2008

Repair to damp-proofing

Came when they promised, very quick work, pleasant and helpful workmen, explained what they were doing, minimised disruption. I would happily use them again. Repeat Customer in London, 14 July 2008

Repair – damp proofing.

Excellent, friendly and reliable. I’d recommend them. Repeat Customer in London, 14 July 2008

Consultation re-damp problem.

I would recommend them. Customer in Epsom, 5 June 2008

Wet rot repairs.

Survey proved accurate. Work commenced quickly and was completed in seven days. Very efficient. Customer in Hounslow, 2 May 2008

Damp proof course and re-plastering

Work was completed very quickly. I would recommend them. Customer in Ashford, 27 March 2008

Damp proof course, removing & re-plastering.

Very fair on pricing; all members of staff from director down are caring and thoughtful. No pressure put on me to use this company when doing the estimate. Good, tidy and clean work done by the men who carried out the work – who also worked well together. 10 out of 10. I would recommend them. Customer in Staines, 6 March 2008

Survey / quote for work if needed

Asked for a quote for work, it was not damp and Ray Punter recommended a colleague to carry out the minor work. (This has not been done yet) Graham was very pleasant and explained everything. I would recommend them. Customer in Hanworth, 1 January 2008

Gave advice on a damp problem.

Gave very good advice and recommended a builder to rectify the problem. We would highly recommend for an honest opinion. Customer in Wimbledon, 11 December 2007

Damp proofing.

Very attentive and efficient. Customer in Kingswood, 7 August 2007

Damp proof course.

Lifecote who gave the quote could not have been more helpful. Unlike other companies, he told me that certain parts did not need doing. The work was then done extremely efficiently and with a smile. Customer in London, 6 June 2007



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